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Entomological Tropical Live insects
We have available for sale in pairs a tropical collections of live insect for sale
Entomological Tropical insects house collection
Scientific Name Common Name
Agestrata sp Green Cetonid Beetle
Anoplophora medembachi Blue Long Horn Beetle
Batocera albofasciata White Spotted Long Horn
Batocera hector Red Spotted Long-Horn
Catacanthus incarnatus Man Face Bug
Chalcosoma atlas 3-Horn Rhino Beetle
Chalcosoma cancasus 3-Horn Rhino Beetle
Coremiocnemis validas Brown Tarantula
Cybister sp Diving Beetle
Deroplatys spp
Dead Leaf Mantis
Dorcus titanus Giant Black Stag Beetle
Ephierodula heteroptera Round Neck Mantis
Eumegalodon sp Dragon Headed Grasshopper
Extatosoma tiaratum Spiny Stick Insect
Heterometrus spinifer Giant Scorpion
Heteropteryx dilatata Thorny Stick Insect
Hexarthrius deyrollei Deer-Horn Stag Beetle
Hierodula stalii Green Mantis
Hymenopus coronatus Orchid Mantis
Laccotrephes sp Water-Scorpion
Lonchodes brevipes Gray's Malayan Stick-Insect
Macrochirus praetor Weevil Beetle
Macrolyristes corporalis Giant Long Legged G'hopper
Mecopoda elongata Medium Long legged Grasshopper
Nephila maculata Web Spider
Odontolabis femoralis Giant Yellow Stag
Odontolabis gazella Gazella Stag Beetle
Odontolabis wollastonia Wollastoni Stag Beetle
Oryctes trituberculatus Single Horn Rhino Beetle
Otostigmus multidens Centipedes
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