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  • Home and Office Cleaning
    Posted on: 2009-09-08
    Home and Office cleaning and organizing.
    Maid for you of Miami offers you a second to none cleaning service. We do homes and offices. We bring our own equipment and materials. Our prices are competitive.
    Take some time off and let us take care of your cleaning needs. We do monthly, by weekly and weekly. Move in, move out. We will be there on time. Please call us ahead of time so we can accommodate you. No job too big. We have excellent references.
    We'll be there on time and respect your belongings.
    We serve Dade and Broward.
    WE us the Rainbow equipment.
    The only way to know how good we are is by hiring us.
    Our business was made with you in mind.
    For an appointment or an estimate over the phone
    call Jeny at: (786) 487- 0691 or (305) 248-1957.
    Please mention this ad.
    We speak English and Spanish for your convenience.
  • WALTER TROUTMAN, Why did you go?
    Posted on: 2011-11-12
    I live in Ireland now and am planning a Christmas Cruise to So. Florida and the Caribbean. I thought while I was there, I'd look up Walter Troutman, so I googled his name to try to get his new phone number when his obituary came up. OMG, I'm devastated; the tears are flowing as I write this... remembering the amazing times I shared in my early twenties with Walter in Miami and The J.C. It was MAGICAL! I met Walter Troutman in the 70's; charismatic, charming, with a personality that didn't quite fit the surroundings. He was like (forgive me for this), but he was like a farmer displaced. I think that's what drew me to him as it probably did many a folk. At the time I was living in the D.C. area but fell in love with Miami & quickly moved there with my 20 something vision of dreams fulfilled. I became a J.C. Member and enjoyed the lifestyle; the tennis; the Sunday luncheon's out by the marina; the fabulous food and who could forget those Sunday Brunches that Tino put on? Oh my, how utterly fantastic! And, every so often, Walter would walk in with his clothes that looked like they sat in the dryer too long (it was so humbling and yet so warming), but he had this presence about him; he was larger-than-life and he knew it. So often, he would try to get this young girl up to his penthouse to see his 'etchings'; he tried and tried and I just kept saying: 'Oh Walter' - but we remained good friends until I moved away to the Bay Area; even then, we would talk every so often. I ended up working there as Director of Special Events which I thoroughly and utterly enjoyed. I have never found anything that I loved more in life. I recall one day while I was preparing a Special Event for Celebrities and Walter walked into my office. He said: 'I have a date for you'. I asked who it was? He said he's famous; his name is Julio Iglesias. I'm not one to swear but I said to him: 'Who the hell is Julio Iglesias? Sorry, Walter, but I'm not interested.' Walter told me that one day I'd be very sorry. Little did I know that one day Julio would become famous in America. Well, I was ONLY a twenty something; you can forgive me for that, can't you???? Anyway, back to my reason for googling Walter. I was hoping to have lunch with him and remember the good old days at the famous J.C. Yes, it truly WAS MAGICAL and my heart yearns to relive those days... what I wouldn't give to relive those days... to see Walter on his bike riding up the drive. RIP my friend. Nancy Brady, RN (Special Events Director at the Jockey Club many years ago). If there's anyone out there that would like to reconnect, please email me at (I look forward to hearing from you!)
    Posted on: 2012-03-19
    I am a mommy of two. I am dependable, and trustworthy. I opened Maid for Moms about one year ago but have 10 years experience. Give me a call my clients are my reason for hard work!!!!
    Posted on: 2012-03-19
    Dependable, and trustworthy mommy of two loves to clean homes!!!! I opened up my business three years ago and my clients are my reason for hard work!!!
  • Need a Good Mechanic?
    Posted on: 2011-12-13
    Google or Yahoo us before you hire us.

    Looking for a good mechanic? How about a good mechanic that comes to you? You found one.

    Do not hire the no name, no insurance no MVR shops. Unless you don't mind trouble. Too much risk.

    Service provided by ASE master technician.
    Yes we make house calls

    CMT Mobile ASE certified auto repair.
    32 years experience. We don't charge a lot more for the convenience of coming to your house or job (we are certainly lower priced than the dealers).

    We guarantee the work for one year. We have the tools and know how to do the job properly. Specializing on car batteries and prepurchase inspections. Also general repairs.

    Save gas by doing your schedule maintenance with us. We can get original parts.

    Don't be fooled by cheap prices, we offer quality, professionalism and will be there when promised.

    Remember there's no way to have it all, if you want quality you can't expect to get it either free or cheap. If you got your car fixed cheap, I say to you, be careful.

    I don't do this part time, on the side or to moon light this is my full time job. This is what I do for a living.

    When was the last time your regular shop offered you to come to your place and fix your car?

    Use our services because of our quality, convenience etc, not because of how much we charge.

    I won't bore you with a long list of the things we can do for you, instead I will give you the small list of things we don't.

    We don't do:
    Automatic transmissions.
    Crank no start (we have to bring the vehicle to the shop for this, specially European cars).
    Install parts you purchased (please, plase don't ask).
    Aftermarket car alarms.We can how ever remove systems that don't work.

    Your safety is # 1 with us' We go to Key Largo too.

    You need and appointment because we want to be there for sure and on time. We don't like to play.

    We don't work 24/7 because; think about it, where am I going to find parts in the middle of the night? Besides, I need to rest too no?

    Save our # in your cell for when you need us, we have a towing service too.

    Remember our name: CMT. Place our phone # in your cell

    Need references?
    Go here:

    Look at what our customers say about us.

    Web page:

    Also find us here:

    Please bear with us. Lately we are very busy and sometimes we can not accommodate you the same day. Be sure that I will do my best to be there when I promised you. Also Please have all the pertinent information about your car ready when you call me (the vin is helpful too).I need to know the symptom, not what you think is wrong with the car. That is what I will do for you. I know you are not a mechanic, I am. Mention this ad get free wipers (most cars) or a card holder. Please Respect the 15 mile school zone speed limit.

    MVR#: 26109379

    Master ASE Mechanic Pedro Talavera 786 344-9571.

  • Maxclean Janitorial Services
    Posted on: 2010-04-29
    Maxclean Janitorial Services is a very unique, dependable, honest and confidential cleaning service that provides its customers the very best quality care that we can give, whether it be for your home, office, vacant home or commercial building we are here to serve your needs. We work with your schedule on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.We providing professional quality that you can trust.

    Call Now....786 368 7193 / Web:
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