About Me

Silvia is committed to her customers to provide outstanding service and always putting in the extra mile/going above and beyond to fulfill her costumer’s needs.  Whether it is selling your current home or acquiring the house of your dreams. The personality trait that best defines her is: “It’s business and it’s personal”.

Her degree from the University of Miami, majoring in Psychology, and the fact that she initiated her career as a realtor in the year 1987, enables her to offer and understand the needs of her distinguished customers. Silvia is member of The Masters Brokers Forum (it’s by invitation only), as well as a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), among other designations. 

All her customers are treated with the utmost respect and attention to detail that would generally be reserved for a family member with the skills and experience of a veteran real estate professional at the same time.  It’s an unbeatable combination. She believes in getting it done and getting it right. Silvia most definitely can be relied upon not just to get the job done but get it done with the highest level of competence.

Silvia is well versed in both commercial and residential Real Estate.

Silvia owned her first business at the age of 19 that gave her the opportunity to travel abroad and gave her the necessary tools to pursue her dreams and become an accomplished and prestigious realtor. What differentiates her service from that of her peers is that her listings are sold quicker.   Silvia’s negotiation skills are outstanding and very effective, being able to achieve sales at values close or higher than the asking price. Silvia is a Luxury Market Specialist. The fact that she fluent in Spanish and is also beneficial to her customers.

When choosing a real estate professional know that experience is not expensive, it’s priceless. 

If you would like to find out more about my background in real estate, please contact me now at (305) 725-0099.

Silvia Chundnovsky